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Monthly Archive: December 2017

Proč se Vánoce anglicky píšou Xmas

Že se anglické Christmas píše často Xmas, to jste si nejspíš už všimli. Přemýšleli jste někdy o tom, proč to tak je? Dám vám tři možnosti: a/ Je to připomínka smrti Ježíše Krista na kříži; b/ je to důsledek komercializace Vánoc, ke kterým už Kristus (= Christ) není potřeba; c/ […]

Take 12: Mince pies

It’s Christmas. And nothing means Christmas to me more than mince pies. I love them! But I won’t eat them at any other time of year because when I eat my first mince pie, Christmas begins. A traditional British Christmas has so much delicious food. Some recipes have been around […]

Take 11: Weather Idioms

People often ask me if it’s true that British people always talk about the weather. Yes it is. We do. But it’s not because we’re obsessed… okay, it’s not only because we’re obsessed. It’s also because UK weather is a good topic. It’s totally unpredictable and always changing! I can’t […]

Take 10: Acting in Danish

Acting is always full of surprises. Before I go to an audition, I usually get a small piece of the script. I usually know what part I should read and I usually have some idea of what the casting director will ask me to do. But very often, this is […]