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Monthly Archive: April 2018

Take 28: Country vs. City

I live in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. It’s not huge, but it’s bustling. There’s a lot to do and it’s full of people (especially tourists). I love it. It’s almost hard to imagine that I used to live in the countryside. Deep in the countryside! When […]

Take 27: How To Declutter

I recently moved into a new home. I had boxes and boxes of stuff! How? I don’t buy a lot of things; I just don’t throw anything away. It seems I’m not alone in this. Why do we keep things? Even if we don’t like them?! Perhaps it’s just a […]

Předpřítomný čas! Juchů!

Předpřítomný čas v češtině vůbec nepotřebujeme, přitom v angličtině na něj narazíte na každém kroku. A já ho miluju 🙂 Abyste i vy vnímali taková setkání méně jako překážky a více jako setkání s dobrým známým, řekneme si dneska, jak předpřítomný čas vytvořit, jak ho použít a jak ho definitivně […]

Take 26: Moving Home

I’m very excited to see Abbey’s new flat this weekend. She says that it’s sunny and cosy. I love places like that. Apparently, moving home is considered to be an extremely stressful life event. I can’t say that Abbey looked particularly stressed out when I saw her, but it did […]

Take 25: Relatable Faces

I have often thought that life must be so easy for attractive people. Apparently attractive people tend to earn more than the rest of us. And you can forgive them because… who can stay mad at that smile? In my profession, they’re always getting the acting gig even if they’re […]