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Monthly Archive: May 2018

Take 33: Online dating

I can’t believe Lenka is online dating! Well, she swears she isn’t. She says she’s just helping “a friend”. Online dating is something I’ve never really understood. Firstly, I’m not sure I could trust someone’s profile. I mean, they want to attract someone, right? So they’re never going to write […]

Take 32: Royal Wedding

It’s very interesting that the Royal wedding was held in May. The Czech Republic does not have a royal family, but if it did, they would never even think about getting married in May. In fact, no one would! It’s bad luck. In the Czech Republic it is said that […]

Take 31: Royal Accent

I love how Lenka calls the accent the royal family speaks “royal”- The Royal Accent. It’s true though, if you saw someone on British TV being interviewed and they spoke with that accent, you would assume they were a member of the royal family! If I went for an audition […]

Take 30: Prague Uprising

I love history. I loved learning all about the history of the Czech Republic when I was at school. That’s when I learned all about the Prague Uprising. Everyone at school was taught about it. So it seems strange to me that Abbey didn’t know about it. But then, she […]

Take 29: Lovers Day

The Day of Love for me has always been February 14th: Valentine’s day. We celebrate by sending cards (usually anonymously) to the person we love, and hoping to get one… or more… (preferably many more) in return. I had no idea that the Czech Republic had a completely different tradition […]