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Monthly Archive: February 2019

StudyBite 7: Lenka’s Difficult Words

Sometimes I train Czech actors in the British accent so that they can get parts in international films. And I find they all struggle with the same sounds: “w” – very often, this sound becomes a “v” sound. “a” – as in cat. It’s a very wide sound, but not […]

Take 61: Survival Kit

I have endless memories of my mother trying to find things in her handbag. And I gather more memories every day. I’ve begun to think of her as only having 1.5 arms. Because most of the time, half of one arm is deep inside her handbag, rummaging around. She really […]

StudyBite 6: 10 Nouns – Advanced

Nouns are simple, right? They are the most basic element of any language. The first thing we learn. Easy! If only. Nouns are little tricksters. They are chameleonic (able to change colour) theriomorphic (able to change shape) beasts! A word that means one thing by itself, can suddenly take on […]

Take 60: TV Series Revisited

I have to admit: I love watching TV! I mean, TV has got so good in the past few years! Streaming on sites like Netflix makes my heart flutter. And I prefer watching TV series to movies for a few reasons: Have you ever watched a movie that drew you […]