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Take 10: Acting in Danish

Acting is always full of surprises.

Before I go to an audition, I usually get a small piece of the script. I usually know what part I should read and I usually have some idea of what the casting director will ask me to do. But very often, this is not the case at all!

I have been asked to do some crazy things in auditions; like play air guitar, save a child from a tiger, dance with a mop, kiss someone who wasn’t there (embarrassing!), oh yes, and die.

Sometimes I turn up to read for one part and while I’m in the waiting room, the casting director gives me a completely different part to read. No warning!

Sometimes I do lots of preparation and feel really ready. Then, when I arrive, the director tells me the character is completely different from my idea and I have to change everything on the spot.

And it’s not just auditions!

Sometimes I learn my lines for shooting, but when I get to the set, they’ve changed!

I once had to have two costume fittings because the new creative director decided that the maid I was playing wasn’t very attractive after all and all my clothes should be a bit ugly… oh I was so pleased about that….

And then sometimes you audition for a part, get the part, and THEN they tell you that it’s actually a Danish TV series and all my lines will be in Danish… um.. okay. Sure!

So many surprises keeps things fun 🙂



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