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Take 47: Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been four years since Lenka and I met! Four years! I remember how it happened.

I got an email from a woman saying that I had been recommended for a web series that she was writing and asking if I’d like to meet. Of course! So we met at Costa Coffee on Provaznická (now a tacky shop for tourists) and we hit it off immediately so she asked me to come in for an audition the following Monday.

I got the part! So over the next couple of weeks I became Anita Green, a weather forecaster who lived in Castleton. We shot at locations all over Prague. And, though shooting can be stressful and it was our first time working together, we had a blast.

We were sad when the series came to an end.

Now, it’s quite common that best friends who decide to live together find fault with one another very quickly and the friendship suffers. Or those that go on holiday together realise they’re not that good friends after all. And friends that build a business together often have disagreements and fall out.

So, I must admit, when Lenka and I talked about starting Lights Camera English, I was a little worried. I really value our friendship and didn’t want anything to compromise that.

But, as it turns out, we’re the perfect working partners!

Everything Lenka dislikes doing, I love doing and visa versa. Anything I’m not very good at, she’s amazing at. Our skills meet perfectly in the middle of what we do. We have the same work ethic. We both come with great ideas and know when to put our own ideas down. We both tend to work into the night and never organize meetings before noon. We have come to accept that two meetings must be held for any work to get done: one for the work, and the other to catch up on life! And we have a clear understanding that “noon” means any time between 12:15 and 13:00. We usually meet at her place and the kettle is on for my cup of tea before I’ve even sat down. In fact, she only buys English Breakfast tea for these occasions.

I can honestly say our relationship has got stronger since we started Lights Camera English and I’m so happy! Not only do I get to work on a fantastic project that’s loads of fun, but I get to do it with an amazing friend.

So a four-year anniversary is perfect! It’s long enough for us to have great memories of exciting adventures together but leaves plenty of time for many, many more. Bring them on!

In a way, I’m almost pleased the web series didn’t last. Now we get to do our own thing our own way. Perhaps we should make our own web series…

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