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Take 46: Afternoon Tea

Tea. It’s a British thing. Tea is a British institution. I love tea. I can hardly explain how important tea is to me. My day doesn’t really begin until I’ve had a nice cuppa. I prefer a mug to a teacup. And I prefer a bowl to a mug. But whatever […]

Take 45: 1968

I have always wanted to be an actress. (I may have mentioned that before.) It has been my dream since I was a girl. I did my first play when I was nine years old and I haven’t looked back. And I’ve played all sorts of women; queens, witches, lovers, […]

Take 44: Tipping Tips

You know, I’m not a fan of tipping. I don’t mind rewarding someone for exceptional service. But I think good service should be the norm, don’t you? I mean, if you’re at a restaurant, you’re not eating for free! You’re paying for your food, its preparation, for sitting at a […]

Take 43: Shopping for Clothes

You know, Abbey is very eco-conscious. She worries about wasting water and about having the heating too high. She buys organic beauty and cleaning products and tries to buy locally grown food. I don’t do any of these things. But the one thing I feel quite strongly about is clothes. […]

Take 42: First Impressions

I remember when I first came to the Czech Republic. I was experiencing first impressions every five minutes! Firstly, the language. OK, yes, I know I laughed at Lenka… but when you’re learning a language in your native land, you tend to only encounter the things you’re learning. You’re out […]

Take 41: England. At last.

Well, we did make it to England after all. The cancelled flight was a bit of a pain. We only found out when we were all packed and ready to go. It was so disappointing. All the other flights that day were fully booked, so we gave up and went […]

Take 39: Staycation vs. Workation

Being a freelancer is wonderful! You’re free, as the name suggests, to choose what you do and when. You get to do the projects you want to do when it suits you best. Got a picnic planned for Wednesday afternoon? Or your mum visiting for a week? Or perhaps you […]

Take 38: Somewhere to Stay

I’ve never really liked hotels. I find the experience rather sterile. Firstly, there’s reception. No sooner have you walked through the doors than three matching smiles turn towards you and stay fixed on you until you explain why you’re there and prove you weren’t just trying to use their bathroom. […]

Take 37: Summer Fruit

I love markets. The sellers calling out over the crowds of hungry buyers all taking in the delights via every sense; the colours, the shapes, the smells, the tastes… Everything is so fresh—straight out of the ground, or off the bush, or from the tree. No chemicals or pesticides or […]

Take 36: What to Pack

Going on holiday is all about having fun! But getting ready for a holiday can be a little bit stressful. What should you do when you’re there? Do you schedule the whole holiday or take it day by day? Do you want to see the biggest tourist attractions or wander […]