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Same or Different: Test anglické výslovnosti

English has a sense of humour. It likes to trip you up! There are so many English words that look the same but sound different. And so many others that look different but sound the same! How confusing! Let’s avoid some embarrassing mix-ups with a little quiz. Do these words […]

Take 62: Tiger Oasis

Have you ever had one of those very normal days that suddenly turns out to be extraordinary? Well, that’s what this day was like for me. I was feeling kind of sad and moody. I didn’t really want to spend time with people. I had been travelling with the group […]

Take 61: Survival Kit

I have endless memories of my mother trying to find things in her handbag. And I gather more memories every day. I’ve begun to think of her as only having 1.5 arms. Because most of the time, half of one arm is deep inside her handbag, rummaging around. She really […]

Take 60: TV Series Revisited

I have to admit: I love watching TV! I mean, TV has got so good in the past few years! Streaming on sites like Netflix makes my heart flutter. And I prefer watching TV series to movies for a few reasons: Have you ever watched a movie that drew you […]

Take 59: Names and Faces

I decided to do a bit of research into why it can be so difficult to recall someone’s name. And I found a few facts that make me feel a lot better about it! First, some context: As with many other social animals, humans are quite good at recognising faces […]

Take 58: Backstage

There is a theatre saying: “The show must go on”. It means that no matter what happens, come hell or high water, finishing the show as best you can is of utmost importance. And every actor believes this passionately. We aren’t told to believe it. We’re not even taught it. […]

Take 57: Happiness

You know what? I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. Things are stressful with my family and my work life is uncomfortably quiet right now. Michael J. Fox said a very smart thing: “My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to […]

Take 56: With Abbey on Set

Now, I don’t want you to assume from this video that an actor’s life is super easy. We get picked up at 5 am and we wait around most of the day (and there isn’t always a table tennis table to keep us amused).  We freeze for hours in winter […]

Take 55: Shooting in Slovakia

I have to admit, when I heard that I would be away for 3 full weeks, I was a little bit worried. I really thought I’d be racing to get home again. I’d be away from my friends, my neighbourhood, my routine. I’d miss home. And, okay, I sort of […]

Take 54: After Life

I know, I know… Death is everyone’s least favourite topic. Understandably so. It would kill the mood at any party. (I assume. I’ve never tried.) I watched a fascinating TED talk by Michelle Knox called “Talk about your death while you’re still healthy“. She calls death “the one life event […]