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Take 53: It’s Our Birthday!

Lights Camera English is one year old today! Time flies when you’re having fun. And this year has flown. It seems like only yesterday that Lenka and I were sitting in her kitchen (no surprise there) dreaming of how we could blend her excellent linguistic and teaching skills, with my […]

Take 52: Walk in the Woods

It’s amazing what a little bit of time in nature can do for you. Lenka and I decided to go away for a long weekend. To get out of Prague and to give our minds a break from normal life. Neither of us is complaining, though, we love our lives. […]

Take 51: Furniture Hunt

A little while ago, I decided that the furniture in my flat was too big. I have a very small flat and my furniture had been bought for a much bigger one. Everything felt a little bit squashed. The main problems were the bright red sofa bed and the dining […]

Take 50: Public Transport

London is simply wonderful. There are a million things to see, do, and experience. It’s packed with culture, art, history, theatre, shops, museums, and people from all corners of the globe. There’s an energy to London you don’t find anywhere else. It’s the place everyone goes to when they go […]

Take 49: English Breakfast

To answer a question I’m frequently asked: no… we don’t eat English breakfast every day. Or even every weekend. But nothing beats a hangover like a good old fry up! All that saturated fat! One thing you’ll likely hear during the making of an English Breakfast is “How do you […]

Take 48: Food Memories

Is there a food that takes you back in time? A candy bar, a dish, or a favourite dessert? I have loads! Food from my childhood transports me back in seconds and I feel like I’m five again. Apparently, memories involving food are more vivid that other memories. And this […]

Take 47: Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been four years since Lenka and I met! Four years! I remember how it happened. I got an email from a woman saying that I had been recommended for a web series that she was writing and asking if I’d like to meet. Of course! So we […]

Take 46: Afternoon Tea

Tea. It’s a British thing. Tea is a British institution. I love tea. I can hardly explain how important tea is to me. My day doesn’t really begin until I’ve had a nice cuppa. I prefer a mug to a teacup. And I prefer a bowl to a mug. But whatever […]

Take 45: 1968

I have always wanted to be an actress. (I may have mentioned that before.) It has been my dream since I was a girl. I did my first play when I was nine years old and I haven’t looked back. And I’ve played all sorts of women; queens, witches, lovers, […]

Take 44: Tipping Tips

You know, I’m not a fan of tipping. I don’t mind rewarding someone for exceptional service. But I think good service should be the norm, don’t you? I mean, if you’re at a restaurant, you’re not eating for free! You’re paying for your food, its preparation, for sitting at a […]