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Take 3: TV Series That Will Help You Improve Your English

I love watching TV. But I don’t call it watching TV. I call it research. I’m an actress after all. And I needto learn from the pros. We all have to do some research to be good at our job. It just happens that my study requires longperiods of time […]

Take 2: Coffee Talk

Coffee. One of my favourite words. And smells. And flavours. And feelings. I guess you realise now that I love coffee. Nothing beats the smell of freshly roasted coffee in themorning. Nothing wakes me up as fast. When I lived in New York, there was this little place near my […]

Take 1: Morning Routine

Paul gets up at eight. He eats breakfast. He takes a shower. Then he gets dressed and goes to work. Really? Does he? How interesting. I don’t do any of those things. Well, I do, but not in that order, and definitely not that early! It’s so funny that all […]