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StudyBite 4: Top 25 English Adjectives

So, you already know from our other videos, that all you really need to start speaking English is a few of the most-used words. Because we like to use them all the time! You already know the top 50 nouns and verbs, so here are the most common adjectives in […]

StudyBite 3: Top 25 English Verbs

Words, words, words. – Hamlet Shakespeare knew the importance of words and so do we at Lights Camera English! You already know the top twenty-five nouns used in English. Now boost your vocabulary with the top twenty-five verbs! These verbs are used over and over again in English, so with them, […]

StudyBite 2: Same or Different

English has a sense of humour. It likes to trip you up! There are so many English words that look the same but sound different. And so many others that look different but sound the same! How confusing! Let’s avoid some embarrassing mix-ups with a little quiz. Do these words […]

StudyBite 1: Top 25 Nouns

Learning a new language is hard. We at Lights Camera English believe that context is very important for learning. But we know that you don’t get anywhere without words. And in English, we use the same words over and over again. So a great way to get you ready to […]