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Take 12: Mince pies

It’s Christmas. And nothing means Christmas to me more than mince pies. I love them! But I won’t eat them at any other time of year because when I eat my first mince pie, Christmas begins. A traditional British Christmas has so much delicious food. Some recipes have been around […]

Take 11: Weather Idioms

People often ask me if it’s true that British people always talk about the weather. Yes it is. We do. But it’s not because we’re obsessed… okay, it’s not only because we’re obsessed. It’s also because UK weather is a good topic. It’s totally unpredictable and always changing! I can’t […]

Take 10: Acting in Danish

Acting is always full of surprises. Before I go to an audition, I usually get a small piece of the script. I usually know what part I should read and I usually have some idea of what the casting director will ask me to do. But very often, this is […]

Take 9: Film Makeup

Working in film usually means getting up very early. Very, very early. You roll out of bed, put on some warm clothes, and head out the door without even turning on the lights. It can be a horrible surprise when you get into your trailer and see what a mess […]

Take 8: Thanksgiving

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Czech Republic, but I lived in the US for a while and fell in love with the holiday. A whole day dedicated to food, family and fun! What’s not to love? But my favourite part is the “giving thanks” bit. I love to spend […]

Take 7: Autumn Weather

I love autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. It’s so exciting. The leaves change colour and the hot summer sun finally cools off. I get to wear my fashionable boots and wrap up in one of my warm scarves. The air is crisp and it feels so fresh and energising […]

Take 6: What’s in the Fridge?

My boys are always complaining that my fridge is empty. It’s not empty! There’s plenty of food in there if you know what to do with it. You need to know the combinations. They see milk, eggs and jam and think “empty”. I see milk, eggs and jam and think”pancakes”. They […]

Take 5: Halloween! 🎃

Lenka likes saying “Boo!” She says she doesn’t celebrate Halloween, but she goes around saying “Boo” to everyone. Even the cat! I think she secretly loves Halloween. And if I’m honest, so do I. I miss celebrating it. When I was little, my bother and I carved pumpkins and put […]

Take 4: Words That Are Brand Names

Language is always growing and changing. It’s alive and I love that. It means we never run out of new words to learn and use. But how do we get new words in our dictionary? Well, one way is when a product or brand name becomes so popular that we […]

Take 3: TV Series That Will Help You Improve Your English

I love watching TV. But I don’t call it watching TV. I call it research. I’m an actress after all. And I need to learn from the pros. We all have to do some research to be good at our job. It just happens that my study requires long periods […]