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Take 21: Cats or dogs?

I love pets. I do! I just don’t want any right now. And I think that proves how much I love them. Because I don’t think I have sufficient time or energy to really offer them a good life. Perhaps when I’m 90.

Of course my son has other ideas. He’s a smart kid. He managed to convince me that if he did well at school, that it would prove his sense of responsibility in looking after a pet. I must have been having a stressful and busy day, because I agreed.

After then, his grades improved exponentially and he finished the year with top marks… of course.

The trouble was, he had no idea what pet he wanted.

So he rat-sat for a couple of weeks. Can you imagine? RATS? Ugly, plague-carrying vermin?

I mean, they’re much cleaner than I realised. And somewhat more attractive than the sewer rats you see in movies. But still. RATS?

Well, it turns out, he’s pretty good with rats. So when the holidays came and he opened the discussion with me once more, I couldn’t refuse!

So no, I don’t have pets, but my son has two brown rats. Friendly, cuddly, little balls of soft fur with the most adorable faces you’ve ever seen!

What? I told you I love pets. I’m just glad my rule about not having them till I’m 90 doesn’t apply to my son 🙂

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