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Take 2: Coffee Talk

Coffee. One of my favourite words. And smells. And flavours. And feelings.

I guess you realise now that I love coffee. Nothing beats the smell of freshly roasted coffee in the
morning. Nothing wakes me up as fast.

When I lived in New York, there was this little place near my work. You could smell it from down the
street. And I went there every day for a latte macchiato. This was my favourite. I know this was my
favourite because I tried every coffee they had!

Cappuccino – too frothy
Mocha – too sweet
Espresso – too strong
Americano – too dark
Ristretto – too small
Turkish coffee – to grainy
Flat white – too delicious; need to get back to work

Even now, whenever I watch a movie and there’s a person running down the street with coffee in a take-away cup, I remember that place. And that smell. And that flavour.

I need coffee. I’ll see if Abbey wants some too.

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