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Take 13: Looking Back at 2017

It’s a new year! A new start. A time to look forward and make plans and resolutions. A time to imagine what the year ahead might hold for us. A clean slate.

But it’s also a time to look back at the last year. All the things we achieved or wished we’d tried harder at. To be grateful for the good times and to learn from our mistakes. A launch pad for a better tomorrow.

And 2017 was a memorable year. So much happened in the world. Good and bad. No need to bore you with the list; we were all watching…

But one of my favourite things that happened was that Lights Camera English was born!

One very hot day in July 2017 (oh, I miss hot days!), Abbey and I met for lunch at our favourite little cafe in Prague. We ordered goat’s cheese croissants and talked about how much fun it would be to start an online English learning video channel where learners could pop along anytime to watch and listen to us having normal, everyday conversations in English about love, life, work…and film!

The idea grabbed at our imaginations and within a week we were shooting our first video. We had agreed not to let our lack of filming equipment or a studio get in our way. We made a commitment to being ourselves, doing our best, and sharing that with you. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since!

Releasing one video a week isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is twice as much fun. So we thought New Year was a good time to share some of our silly, behind-the-scenes moments with you! Outtakes, mistakes, accidents, forgotten lines, dottiness, fun, and much laughter.

2017 came with its challenges and hard times, but it came with a lot of love, courage, creativity, compassion, and friendship too. Let’s remember those moments as we move into 2018.


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