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Take 60: TV Series Revisited

I have to admit: I love watching TV! I mean, TV has got so good in the past few years! Streaming on sites like Netflix makes my heart flutter. And I prefer watching TV series to movies for a few reasons:

Have you ever watched a movie that drew you into the story and then left you disappointed? No time to find out what happened next? You might have to wait two years for a sequel!

With a TV series, I can invest in the story, knowing that I will get to see how each branch of it plays out. And soon. Sure, she saved the world, but did she get the guy? Okay, good triumphed over evil, but did his mother apologise?

And as TV series have longer to tell a story, I can invest in the characters, too. I get all the juicy details of their day-to-day, dramatic, pragmatic, surreal, comedic, inspiring, exciting lives. I let myself get involved with their story. I feel their joy and their pain. I love their boyfriends and hate their mothers as I’m supposed to.

I mean, there is a downside to this. The feelings of inadequacy that come from comparison:

  • Friends in their twenties live in a gorgeous flat on Central Park. I couldn’t afford that in my forties. I must suck!
  • A daughter, her mother, and her grandmother all live under the same roof in perfect harmony… My family must be broken.
  • Gillian Anderson looks like she’s thirty in her fifties, I look like a hippo wearing a mop on its head. I’m a failed woman.
  • A woman time-travels and meets her kilt-wearing hunk of a soul mate. … well, yeah, I don’t really spend too much time worrying about this one, but it would be nice!

But at least we all have something fantastical and extraordinary to aim for.

Finally, I love TV series because I’m in control.

Just need something short before bed? No problem! Want to spend the whole day in a duvet and inside someone else’s life? You got it! You just watched a scary movie and now you need a comedy before turning out the lights? Pick from thousands.

The only problem I have with Netflix is also the reason I actually love it: auto play in 10 seconds. Before I’ve really had time to realise the episode I was watching is now over and I need to decide if I want to watch another… I am watching another. And I’m already hooked. And sleep will just have to wait. Again.

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